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Colonial Athletics

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology


Colonial Athletics

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Colonial Athletics

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Team Files.

Starting a Club or Activity Guidelines

First, check with the 8th period office to determine if your idea can be incorporated into the activities of an existing club. If so, stop there, all is well! If not, follow the application process. All clubs must be student-initiated and student-run and under the supervision of the sponsor. Sponsors must be a current FCPS employee at TJ. The DEADLINE for submitting new club applications is the LAST DAY of the 1ST QUARTER.

Club and Activity Contact Information Sheet (REQUIRED)

This contact information is required for all CLUBS and ACTIVITIES at TJ.

FCPS Cover Sheet / Check list (REQUIRED)

This cover sheet / check list is required by FCPS for any new CLUB or ACTIVITY. Fill in your club name, print it and we will take care of the rest!

Application for Clubs & Activities (REQUIRED)

***All existing clubs must have a sponsor before any new clubs will be considered. Paperwork submitted will be held until then.*** OPEN FILE USING ADOBE viewer Application must be TYPED and signed by your sponsor. Note that if fundraising or financial donation is listed as a primary objective/activity of the club, the application will be returned for edits (due to regulations regarding fundraising and donations). Do NOT list specific fund-raising activities or field trips on the application. Indicate that any/all fundraising or field trips will comply with FCPS regulations and local school policies and approval processes. DEADLINE to submit the application signed by your sponsor is the LAST DAY OF THE 1st QUARTER.

Sample Constitution (REQUIRED but may be edited)

A typed constitution signed by the sponsor is required for all new CLUBS and ACTIVITIES. The constitution must include information as to how students become members, how officers are chosen, how officers can be removed from office, and definitions of officer responsibilities. A CLUB or ACTIVITY CANNOT REQUIRE PARTICIPATION IN A FUNDRAISER. See a sample constitution with suggestions and guidelines.

Student Interest Forms (REQUIRED)

Requires one signature per line of CURRENT students who plan to regularly attend the potential club or activity. Please make sure the name is legible. If not, please print the name next to the signature.

Weight Room Permission Form

Before you may use the weight rooms at TJ, you must submit this signed permission slip. If you provided one to your coach, you may give the 8th period office a copy of that form. A NEW FORM IS REQUIRED EACH YEAR.

Guest Speaker Approval Form

Please return the Guest Speaker request to the 8th period office. All outside speakers must be approved by the Director of Student Activities in advance.

Application to hold a Charitable Drive at TJ

Please submit this form to the Activities Office for approval of any charitable drive (clothing, books, backpacks, jeans, etc) obefore advertising or conducting your activity.

IMPORTANT Fundraising / Finance Information

BEFORE A GROUP MAY HOLD A BAKE SALE OR OTHER FUNDRAISING EVENT, YOU MUST GO TO THE FINANCE OFFICE and ask for the application PACKET (an FCPS requirement beginning 2017-18). This must be approved before any advertising is done. All clubs are subject to FCPS fundraising and purchasing regulations. * Fundraisers or drives must be approved in advance by the Activities office (DSA). * A purchase order must be processed before any expenses are incurred. *All income and expenses from a fundraiser associated with a school club must be run through the school finance office. *Refer to the appropriate regulations for specific guidance and address your questions to the finance office. The form must be completed and signed by a club sponsor – you must have a legitimate reason for holding the fundraiser which you need to demonstrate by providing a budget as to why your group needs funds. This is part of the application packet. Bake sales must follow the FCPS Nutritional Guidelines for the products you sell. If you have any questions, please go to the finance office for guidance. Please read the attached file for IMPORTANT information regarding fundraising and working with the FINANCE office.

Requesting the Use of Large Spaces

To schedule non instructional space DURING the official school day (for example, the cafeteria or auditorium), please contact Joan Burch at To schedule the use of the library, please contact the TJ Librarian, Anne Applin. To schedule the use of the Career Center, please contact the Career Center Specialist, Eileen Kropf For all building use AFTER SCHOOL, please contact Dorothy Diggs

Field trips and Activities Outside of TJ

Whether before, during or after school, all clubs and activities must submit field trip paperwork for approval prior to any trip. Until approved, clubs and activities may not meet or participate in any activity or competition off campus or after school hours. In all cases, an FCPS employee (TJ staff member) must accompany students on all trips regardless of length of time and distance from TJ. Students who participate in activities that are not affiliated with TJ or the TJ club, do not have to submit paperwork or adhere to the chaperone guidelines since these are personal trips. Students on PERSONAL trips MAY NOT compete under the TJ name or affiliate themselves with TJ. These trips may not originate or terminate on TJ property. If so, the trip becomes a school sponsored event and must comply with FCPS regulations.

Be sure to check out the General Files page for additional files.
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